Getting stuck into a community rebuilding project

Two years ago, we were proud to step in and assist a project in our “home town” of Maulden: the rebuilding of a dilapidated sandstone structure, the Sexton’s Hut in the corner of the churchyard at St Mary the Virgin church.

Although the church had received some grant funding towards the project, there was still a shortfall in finances – which is where MJ Hillson Ltd got things moving. Thanks to our amazing team and the fantastic support of our supply chain, we sourced and installed a new roof structure and doorset completely free of charge.

The rector, the Reverend Lynda Kilmas, was thrilled. “A big thank you to you and ‘Team Hillson’ for doing such a splendid job, and paying for it too!” she told me. “Where would we be without lovely people like you and your family, who do so much for the village?”

The hut was later dedicated by the Bishop of St Albans (and I was not only proud of the company that weekend – two of my daughters were crowned “Rose Queen” and “Pearl Princess” at the same event!