Dyson Centre

At a Glance

The Development
Dyson Centre

Morgan Sindall

Market Sector:

Services Supplied:
Internal doors, joinery & panelling

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The Brief

This large extension at the Dyson Centre was designed to support research in electric vehicles, internal combustion systems and similar developments. It houses postgraduate researchers in classrooms, academic offices, support and breakout spaces and open-plan areas. Working with contractor Morgan Sindall, MJ Hillson was also involved in the refurbishment of the adjoining library.

The Approach

Our team worked inside the new-build Dyson Centre and on the refurbishment of the library. In the library, we installed new doors, skirting and panelling. In the extension we worked on all six floors. Our team was small, but this prestigious job required intricate work, including panelling all the way up the staircase and individual oak panels on the ceiling.